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Exam on the 25th of June 2020 - Questions

Pubblicato: Giovedì 25 giugno 2020 da Prof. Sergio Dellavalle

Dear Students,

the questions for the exam on the 25th of June 2020 are:

1)    The parliamentary system.

2)    Federalism.

3)    The constitution as the foundation of the political identity of the political community.

4)    The protection of human rights in international law.

You have time until 9:00 pm (Turin time = GMT + 2) of the 25th of June 2020 to send me back your text with the answers. The text must be sent in Word format and as an attachment to an email ( All text sent later than at the above-mentioned time or in a format different than Word will not be taken into account. If you did not already pass at least the exam on Module II, your submission will not be considered. Furthermore, if you do not have written in the note the score of Module II (or the scores of both Module II and III in case that you make use of the option of writing the research essay for Module III), the registration of your final grade cannot be guaranteed.

The dimension of your answers, taken together, shall not exceed 1,600 words. All texts that exceed that dimension will not be taken into account. The answers should not be a “copy and paste” of the related parts of the file containing the arguments of Module I. On the contrary, you have to express the answers with your own words. Every form of plagiarism that exceeds 20 % of the submitted text will result in a fail.

Do not forget to write, In the header of your file, first name, family name, registration no. (matricula), date, denomination of the course unit. Finally, you have to specify whether this is a resit exam.

All the best,

Sergio Dellavalle

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