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Legal English I


Legal English I


Anno accademico 2022/2023

Codice attività didattica
Avv. Stefano Faraoni (Titolare del corso)
Corso di studio
Laurea magistrale in European Legal Studies - a Torino (D.M. 270/2004)[0703M21]
1° anno
Primo semestre
SSD attività didattica
L-LIN/12 - lingua e traduzione - lingua inglese
Tipologia esame

The course will be held in English, and no other language will be used. Therefore, in order to attend the course, the Students are required to have a significant pre-knowledge of the English language, including English grammar.
An acceptable level of English is the following:
Level B1+/2 in English according to the Common European Framework.

Il corso si terrà interamente in lingua inglese, e non verranno utilizzate altre lingue durante il corso. Pertanto, per seguire il corso, è necessaria una significativa pre-conoscenza della lingua inglese, inclusa la grammatica. Un livello accettabile di conoscenza della lingua inglese è il seguente:
Level B1+/2 in English according to the Common European Framework.

Propedeutico a


Sommario insegnamento


Obiettivi formativi

The primary aim of the course is to concentrate on aspects of the language of legal English in order to be able to use it in a proper way. We will do this by looking at the English legal system, its courts and the legal profession, as well as some specific matters, like contract law, tort law, international law and criminal law. We will focus on the language used in international legal contexts and on some difficulties involved in translating legal documents. 


Risultati dell'apprendimento attesi

Demonstration of the development of language skills in English to a B1+/B2 level as related to the topics covered in the course. 



The course will cover different areas of Legal English. We will understand how to communicate in Legal English in the most effective way. We will study skills and strategies in the four areas of language learning (reading, writing, listening and speaking), and practical applications of these language skills. Topics specific to legal English will include:


--Private law

--Criminal law

--Public law

--Legal drafting and advocacy

--Lex mercatoria


Modalità di insegnamento

40 hours of lessons, conducted in English. The lessons will be student-centred with an emphasis on participation in the form of various activities, from writing to speaking. 

The lessons will be in presence, in accordance with the general rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic
(please visit Coronavirus: updates for UniTo Communityopen_in_new) and their schedule is available hereopen_in_new.
An option of remote attendance (in streaming modality on my personal Webex room: will be granted if required by the University regulation.
Students and applicants are welcome to attend the courses also before having finalized their matriculation process. It is strongly advised to register on the Moodle platform for the course.

To attend lessons face-to-face, if required by the University, the Students might have to book a seat in the classroom through the Student Booking serviceopen_in_new.



Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento

For the exam, the Students:

1) will be required to present an extended essay in English and

2) will be questioned on the required book and/or on the material given during the lessons or uploaded on Moodle.

The essay will be a 2,500-word paper (including abstract, notes, bibliography, tables, illustrations, etc., being 2.500 words the maximum) on a legal topic. 

The essay must be an original work prepared specifically for this course (not already submitted for another course). It will be checked for plagiarism.

There is no specific format required.

The topic of the essay will be chosen freely by the student. The essay will have to be written focusing on the proper use of legal vocabulary and grammar.

The paper must be in English.

The paper must be submitted AT LEAST 14 DAYS BEFORE THE EXAM DATE TO ME VIA EMAIL (in Word or Open Office format. No other format will be accepted). e.g. if the exam the student wants to attend is scheduled on the 15th of September, the paper must be submitted no later than 12.00 PM the 1st of September

If a student fails to submit the paper in time, the student will not be allowed to access the oral part of the exam.

During the oral part of the exam:

1) The Students will present their paper in 5 minutes and will be evaluated on the content of their paper: the presentation, the knowledge of the subject, as well as on the linguistic aspects (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation).

2) The Students will be questioned on the book listed in the "Required Materials".

Equal weight is given to all aspects (paper and oral part).


Attività di supporto

I will be available via e.mail or via Webex.

Testi consigliati e bibliografia


The course has one required book. This is:

  • A. Riley e P. Sours, Legal English and the Common Law-Legal Grammar Handbook, CEDAM, Padova, 2018

You are required to study each and any part of the book, included the cases.

(It is not required to study the part of the book which contains the grammar explanation. You will not be questioned on grammar rules. However, you are supposed to know them)


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