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Principles of Roman Law

Pubblicato: Mercoledì 11 marzo 2020 da Dott. Lucia Zandrino

Dear Students,

As You all know, the situation caused by the Coronavirus obliged our Department to delete all regular classes taught in face-to-face mode. Because of that, the same Department strongly encouraged us to choose some alternative way of teaching. I and Professor Sciandrello choose to use videos. 

You can find such videos in the Moodle section of the online page of our course. Videos will be published every week, for each relevant topic of the course. Each video lasts about 15 min., so there will be more videos for each topic. In some cases, it is possible that videos will be replaced by slides with an audio comment.

Please consult the web page of this course regularly and report to me every technical problem that can occour regarding the teaching material. Also, all students who had not registered to the course yet are kindly asked to do it, as only the registration grants You full access to the teaching material of the course.


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