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Lingua inglese (Cdl LM/63 LM/90)


Anno accademico 2012/2013

Andrew Martin Garvey (Titolare del corso)
Corso di studi
Laurea magistrale in Scienze amministrative e giuridiche delle organizzazioni pubbliche e private (D.M. 270/2004) [f004-c502]
Laurea magistrale in Studi giuridici europei (D.M. 270/2004) [f004-c503]
1° anno
Affine o integrativo
SSD dell'attività didattica
L-LIN/12 - lingua e traduzione - lingua inglese

Sommario del corso



The course, for students who should already be at a B1+/2 level of English according to the Common European Framework, will be divided into three parts.

Part 1 will focus on revising/consolidating English grammar, syntax, and general and specific (legal English) lexical items.

Part 2 will deal with reading/writing and speaking/listening skills and strategies.

In the third and main part, students will make practical applications of their language skills using a range of general and specific legal texts.
The primary aim of this part is to concentrate on aspects of the language of legal English by dealing, in particular, with the English legal system, its courts and the legal profession. Specific laws and cases will also be discussed.
Special attention will also be placed on language used in international legal contexts and some of the difficulties involved in translating legal documents.

The course will be in English. Full participation is expected and a certain amount of self-study is also required (assignments).

For the exam, students will be required to present an extended essay in English. This essay consists in preparing a 2,500 word paper (excluding abstract, notes, bibliography, tables, illustrations etc…) on a “legal” topic. The topic could be could be a law, a statute, a particular case, something historic, something relating to the linguistic features of law and is subject to approval. The paper has to be in English (if any other languages are used then full translations must be supplied) and is then presented (without reading) and discussed at the exam.

Students are evaluated on both the content of their paper, the presentation and knowledge and related aspects of the subject, and on the linguistic (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation). Students are also expected to show an understanding of the legal systems in English speaking countries. Equal weight is given to all aspects.

The subject has to be approved at least a fortnight before the exam and the final paper submitted no later than the Friday before the exam. All sources (preferably using the Harvard system) must be included.

Students should also bring two hard copies of their work to the exam.


Testi consigliati e bibliografia

Legal English (2 Ed) a cura di M. Gigliola di Renzo Villata, CEDAM, Padova, 2011

Legal English and the Common Law-Legal Grammar Handbook, Alison Riley, Patricia Sours, CEDAM, Padova, 2008

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